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Thank you for visiting our blog page, we proudly carry Zippo, Opinel, RonsonNite Ize and Lri products at the most competitive prices to our online buyers worldwide!

How can we provide such a bargain discounts?

The profit margin is very little per product, so we try to focus on selling in bulk quantities to our customers.

Browse through our categories of Zippo lighters and you will find the right Zippo lighter for you or that perfect gift you have been looking for! Our large Zippo collection consists of the following categories: zippo lighters, zippo accessories, zippo hand warmers, zippo watches and zippo pens at the most affordable price! Don’t forget to check our custom design zippo category to see specially designed Zippos just for us!
Gearbargain.com has limited quantity of stylish Zippo watches and Zippo pens. Zippo manufacturer has stopped making Zippo watches and pens. We hold the last of their stock! These collectables are here but for how long? Check them out, before there are all gone. Are you looking for an Opinel knife? At GearBargain.com we love the French Opinel knives! Visit our French Opinel knife categories where you can choose your Opinel knife from our Kitchen orOutdoor Opinel selection.

Check out 2016 Nite Ize innovative products!

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