zippo lighters cheap

Want to buy zippo lighter on sale at a discount?

Are you looking to buy a zippo lighter at cheap price?

Zippo lighters can cost quiet a pretty penny depending on the type of zippo you choose.

Looking for the right Zippo lighter can be a very time consuming task itself. Once you discovered the different categories of Zippo styles you hopefully have a better understanding of what you are looking for and that certainly takes some time to decide on :).

Zippo has some the coolest looking designs in store for you – you can check out their official website here.

There are cool themes to go with your Zippo lighter that you can find on GearBargain:

Zippo Custom Lighters – this category you will not find it anywhere else! We have special designs just from Zippo Manufacturing Company.

Then once you decided on the style you like you are stuck between all the Zippo finishes. Picking the right finish (Brushed Chrome, High polish, Satin, Street Chrome, Armor, Brass, Brushed Brass and many more) can be most expensive part of Zippo, as this is what your Zippo will be made with.

Finally you found the style & finish you want from Zippo and you go to your shopping cart to find out how pricy it is!

What happened to 1930s when a Zippo use to cost $1?

Unfortunatly, you will not get a zippo lighter at $1 price any more, but you will defiantly save on retail price on zippo lighter by visiting GearBargain all of their Zippo lighters are minimum at 50% off from retail price!

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